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2018 Proposed Pflugerville ACC Annexation Tax

Proposal Facts

A special interest group has petitioned for a proposal to be added the  2018 November election ballot. This proposal would add a completely new  AUSTIN community college TAX to  Pflugerville's homeowner's already ever  burgeoning annual tax bills.

This tax would subsidize a small  portion (less than 1.5%) of Pflugerville's population to go to ACC, allowing them to pay  less for their tuition.  If passed, Pflugerville property tax payers,  who  already pay some of the highest taxes in the nation for the first 12 years of education, would now not only be on the hook for financing a small amount of Pflugerville ACC college students, but also subsidizing Austin residents who are already in the ACC district. 

Pflugerville property owners would  each be paying hundreds of dollars a extra year to help finance the exorbitant salaries of ACC 's president and the board of trustees - none of who are from Pflugerville.


  • The new ACC Tax would cost 10.08 cents per $100.00 of property value.
  • A  property owner of a $200,000.00 home would  see a yearly increase of $201.60 
  • A  property owner of a $300,000.00 home would  see a yearly increase of $302.40. ... and so on.
  • As your property value goes up every year... so does the ACC TAX you will have to pay.
  • That adds up over the course of a 30 year loan... adding at least $6000.00 to $9000.00 to the cost of your house.... money you could be putting toward your own education or your own child's educational needs.
  • And... that rate could go the whim of a 100% Austin dominated ACC Board. Pflugerville residents future tax bills would be at the mercy of the tax crazed Austin voting block. Do we really want to give a different city control over our financial futures?
  • Renters will also feel this tax increase in the form of increased rental rates, which are already ballooning due to Pflugerville's high taxes.

Why Vote NO ?

  • Subsidizes Austin residents at a 5 to 1 rate.  Costs Pflugerville 9.5 to 11 million  a year (and will increase in the future), with most of that money going to non-Pflugerville residents.
  • NO Campus... That's right, ACC is going to build a work force center in Pflugerville... (Great if all 831 current Pflugerville ACC students want to take Air Conditioning repair) but NOT a local campus.
  • ACC is one of the lowest rated community colleges in the nation, #726 out of 728 colleges.
  • No control over future Tax rate increases... being lumped in with the Austin voting block, our community voting power is deleted and we'll turn our tax futures over to Austin. Over the years, ACC has increase the tax rate from 5 cents to 10.08 cents per 100.00 of property value... future tax rate increases are a given, since ACC has been deep in the red for years.


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