Responsible Residents doing the impossible to keep Pflugerville possible

We believe in reasonable taxation to combat inflation, to our population.

To enable government to help its residents to stay in existence.

By working together with the community, we help to maintain the long term affordability of the Pflugerville area. We need to fund our local government, but we do not need to be overtaxed and burdened with excessive debt.

Vote Yes For EMS

We began a petition drive in October 2022 to add a proposition to the May 2023 ballot that would remove the half-cent sales tax from ESD2 and transfer the sales tax to the city of Pflugerville to fund EMS services. This was done because ESD2 stopped providing ambulance services to the city of Pflugerville at the beginning of 2022.

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Vote No ESD 17

In November of 2021, we voted not to be annexed into ESD17.  This could have amounted to the largest tax increase in history. 

Vote No ACC Tax

In November of 2018, we defeated the ACC Tax. This was yet another attempt to annex Austin Community College (ACC). This was a bad deal for Pflugerville and would have added a new taxing district for a Jr college that has a 5 % graduation rate.

Vote No Prop 1

$10.7 million for an animal shelter was voted down in November of 2015. Each kennel would have cost taxpayers $50,000. In the end, we put people first and pets second..

Racetrack in Pflugerville?

A proposal to build a racetrack in Pflugerville was defeated in the late 2000s.

Vote No on ESD17, the Largest Tax increase in the Pflugerville area!

– Pflugerville Residents for Responsible Taxation